Nova Launcher (Review)

If you don’t like your default Android launcher or you feel like you’re very limited when it comes to customization, then you can’t miss Nova Launcher.

One of the most installed launchers available on the Play Store, Nova Launcher is an AOSP style launcher that includes many more design options than most stock Android launchers out there.

It has a free version available for download which includes plenty of features and we’re pretty sure you won’t feel limited even if you have the free version installed, however, if you wish to purchase the paid version, you’ll gain full access to the app’s features, and will enjoy a better homescreen experience.

Some of its features are:

  • Icon themes
  • Grid subposition
  • Fast and secure
  • Color controls
  • Infinite scroll

Nova Launcher is also highly rated on the Play Store and it isn’t known as a troublemaker for Android users, so you shouldn’t expect any bugs unless you’re running an old version of Nova Launcher.

You can check for the app requirements at its official page on the Play Store, which is accessible through your Android device or your computer.


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